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Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43BC) was an orator, statesman, philosopher and prolific correspondent, who rose as a โ€˜new manโ€™ in Rome in the turbulent last years of its republican government. Anthony Trollope, best known as a novelist, admired Cicero greatly and wrote this biography late in life in order to argue his virtues against authors who had granted him literary greatness but questioned his strength as a politician and as a man. He takes a personal approach, affording us an insight into his own mind and times as well as those of his subject.

This second volume of two covers his last years, BC 57-43 and the personal and political upheavals that surrounded them: the civil war between Caesar and Pompey, the death of his daughter Tullia, Caesar's dictatorship and assassination, Cicero's antagonism against Antony in the Philippics and his final struggle for the republic. Having used Cicero's letters and speeches to guide his biography, Trollope treats his other works (what he terms 'moral essays', and works on philosophy and rhetoric), and his religious beliefs, in separate chapters at the end of this volume, to which is also appended his own translation of Cicero's 'Dream of Scipio' from the De re publica.(Summary by Philippa)

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The Life of Cicero, Vol. II - Anthony Trollope - Anthony Trollope

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