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Audiobooks are becoming more and more popular today, giving you a double pleasure – from excellent literature and perfect, talented performance. Their advantages can hardly be overestimated, especially for those who should appreciate every minute set aside for leisure. For those who can no longer imagine their life without an audiobook, the website of the Free Library of audiobooks in mp3 format, English has something to do for many, many evenings and days ahead. We have selected for you the best, professionally voiced books that can give you incredible pleasure, expand your horizons and replenish your knowledge base.

Listen to the best free audio books in English at

Today, the benefits of audiobooks are no longer in doubt! They fill your leisure time and help you better fill in the forced pauses that occur for everyone (travel time, standing in traffic), allow you to relax your eyes. And, of course, they help you not to spend too much – after all, we offer the best free books that will certainly become your constant companions in the stormy sea of everyday life.

Here is the best audiobook site, where you will always find the world's most famous bestsellers and high – profile literary novelties. We offer free audiobooks in mp3 in English. We hope that the proposed works will be interesting and useful for both native English speakers and anyone who wants to master its beauty and perfection as deeply as possible.


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2. When did it all start?

3. Audiobooks in English: the main advantages

4. Where can I find free audiobooks in English?

Free audio books mp3

Listen to the best free audiobooks in English at

Do you like audiobooks? Today they are on the wave of popularity! They are listened to with great pleasure by schoolchildren and students, respected professors and ordinary housewives. And free audiobooks in mp3 format are a great gift for anyone who has already appreciated the double pleasure that your favorite literary work can give in audio format – from perfect author's style to excellent literary performance. On the site you will find a free library of audiobooks in English, for deepening your knowledge and just for fun.

When did it all start?

Listen to the best audiobooks in English at

The appeal of a free library of audiobooks is absolutely obvious to anyone who can not always afford the luxury of slowly flipping through the pages of paper editions of their favorite works – there is simply not enough time, and sometimes even funds for a new book by their favorite author. Did you know that the first, in general, quite successful attempts to record literary works for listening were focused mainly on people with visual impairments?

Listen to the best free audiobooks in English at

This happened back in the Thirties of the last century. And today, the vast majority of bestsellers are immediately published in both paper and audio format. Modern, professionally voiced, best audio books are an extraordinary pleasure, as well as an opportunity to deepen knowledge, expand the boundaries of erudition and always have the easiest access to high – profile literary works.

Audiobooks in English: the main advantages

It has long been clear that audiobooks are simple and convenient. You can listen to it online, for free, anywhere and anytime: during boring or monotonous work, while jogging in the park or on the road. Your hands are free, and your eyes are resting from the flickering monitor! Among the still underrated benefits is an audiobook:

Listen to the best free audiobooks in English at
Where can I find free audiobooks in English?
Listen to the best audiobooks in English at

Looking for the best audiobook website? Visit our free audiobook library on the website - and we are sure that you will definitely find everything that you like. We offer the most interesting and well – known free audio books in English – works by English – speaking authors and translations of world literary masterpieces of various genres-online, in mp3 format, which can be played on the most convenient, your favorite device-tablet, smartphone, laptop.

We offer a wide range of genres and trends, works by classical and contemporary authors, fiction and educational literature, books for pleasure, self-education and self-development. And yet, audiobooks in English are a great opportunity to restore and replenish vocabulary, Polish pronunciation for everyone who wants to master English perfectly.

The selection of audiobooks in English on our website is constantly updated and updated. To find works by a particular author or a specific audiobook, site visitors can use the quick search system. We will be grateful for your comments and feedback.