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"A Woman's Way" belongs to a class of comedy curiously rare on our native stage in recent seasons, the comedy of smart people, with a flavor of character study to give it dignity."

"In this comedy, it is "inevitable" that the wife and the other woman should meet in the presence of the husband, and that they should come to open grapple under the very eyes of the audience. The joy of [Buchanan's] comedy, of course, in no small measure is due to the fact that the other woman is not at all the sort of antagonist the wife expected; that she is, in fact, charming, with worldly poise equal to the occasion." - Summary by Walter Prichard Eaton, 1915

Cast list:
General Livingstone, Act 1: ToddHW
Mrs. Livingstone, Act 1: Sonia
Mr. Lynch: Alan Mapstone
Salie Livingstone: Annie Mars
Mrs. Stanton: TJ Burns
Mrs. Blakemore: WendyKatzHiller
Bob Livingstone: Greg Giordano
Oliver Whitney: Tomas Peter
Mrs. Belle Morris: Michele Eaton
Mr. Morris: Jim Locke
Wilson: qthemusic123
Howard Stanton: HelloCentral
Marion Stanton: Jenn Broda
Stage Directions: Scotty Smith
Editing: ToddHW

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