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Amends for Ladies falls within the genre of Jacobean city comedy. Three women debate which has the better lot: a maid, a wife, or a widow. Lady Honour, the maid, is loved by her servant, Ingen, and disguises herself as a boy to become servant to him. Lady Perfect, the wife, is suspected by her husband, Love-all, of infidelity; Love-all tries to trap his wife by having his devious friend, Subtle, seduce her. A young citizen, Bold, disguises himself as an old woman to enter into the service of the widow, Lady Bright, in the hopes of gaining access to her bed. Amends for Ladies also features a duel-gone-wrong, bawdy jokes aplenty, and a guest appearance by the "Roaring Girl" herself, Moll Cutpurse. - Summary by Rob BoardCast
Narrator: KHand
Bold: Rob Marland
Lord Feesimple: Tomas Peter
Lady Bright: Sonia
Welltried: ToddHW
Lord Proudly: SonOfTheExiles
Ingen/Count: Larry Wilson
Lady Honour: Leanne Yau
Subtle: alanmapstone
Lady Perfect: TJ Burns
Love-all: MajorToast
Grace: Eva Davis
Frank: Chuck Williamson
Seldom: Nemo
Moll Cutpurse/Tearchaps: April6090
Page: Stoofy
Drawer: ScarlettG
Servant/Bots: Foon
Whorebang: Carolin
Spillblood: Sandra Schmit
Sergeant: lorda
Priest: Beth Thomas
Edited by: Rob Marland

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