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A Restoration farce by a successful woman playwright. "Doctor Baliardo, a Neapolitan philosopher, has so applied himself to the study of the Moon, and is enraptured to such an extent with the mysteries of that orb, that he has come steadfastly to believe in a lunar world, peopled, ruled and regulated like the earth. This wholly fills and absorbs his every waking thought, and, in consequence, he denies his daughter Elaria and his niece Bellemante to their respective lovers, the Viceroy’s two nephews, Don Cinthio and Don Charmante, as being men of mere terrestial mould." - Summary by Montague Summers, 1915

Cast list:
Doctor Baliardo: Adrian Stephens
Scaramouch, his Man: Anna Maria
Pedro, his Boy: Mira Williams
Don Cinthio, Nephew to the Vice-Roy, and Lover of Elaria: Greg Giordano
Don Charmante, Nephew to the Vice-Roy, and Lover of Bellemante: Tchaikovsky
Harlequin, Cinthio’s Man: Alan Mapstone
Officer: Sonia
Clerk: Susan Essary
Stentor: James R. Hedrick
Elaria, Daughter to the Doctor: Annie Mars
Bellemante, Niece to the Doctor: Marya James
Florinda, Cousin to Elaria and Bellemante: Jenn Broda
Mopsophil, Governante to the young Ladies: WendyKatzHiller
Keplair, Philosopher: DeborahJoye
Galileus, Philosopher: David Purdy
Zodiack Chorus: Rapunzelina
Stage Directions: ToddHW
Editing: ToddHW

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The Emperor of the Moon - Aphra BEHN - Aphra BEHN

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