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An elephant in Oz? You bet! The tiny kingdom of Pumperdink has what no neighboring kingdom has: an Elegant Elephant in court, and his name is Kabumpo. He is very proud of his kingdom, his elegance and tends to be just the smallest bit pompous. On the other hand, he loves the young prince Pompo and goes with him in a desperate search to save their kingdom from disappearing. Yes, the prince must find the 'proper princess' and marry her within 7 days or the entire kingdom and everyone in it will be gone. Such a great responsibility on such a youth is hard to bear but Kabumpo helps a lot. Naturally the evil gnome Ruggedo is involved deep underneath but this will all be explained in the exciting chapters. Will he find the proper princess? will he squished by the giant? You must listen to find out and I promise it will be a wild ride. Summary by phil Chenevert

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Kabumpo in Oz (version 2) - Ruth Plumly Thompson - Ruth Plumly Thompson

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