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Vera; or, The Nihilists is a play by Oscar Wilde. It is a melodramatic tragedy set in Russia and is loosely based on the story of Vera Zasulich. It was the first play that Wilde wrote. It was produced in the United Kingdom in 1880, and in New York in 1882, but it was not a success and folded in both cities. It is nowadays rarely revived. (Summary by Wikipedia)

Peter Sabouroff/Baron Raff: Algy Pug
Vera Sabouroff: Arielle Lipshaw
Michael: Robin King
General Kotemkin: Alan Mapstone
Sergeant/Professor Marfa: Kristingj
Soldier/Aide-de-Camp: Grace
Prisoner/Colonel of the Guard: Amanda Friday
Dmitri/Page/President of the Nihilists: Elizabeth Klett
Alexis Ivanacievitch: Alex Lau
Conspirator/Marquis de Poivrard: Charlotte Duckett
Conspirator: Julia Niedermaier
Ivan the Czar: Martin Geeson
Prince Paul Maraloffski: John Trevithick
Prince Petrovitch: bala
Narrator: Availle

Audio edited by: Arielle Lipshaw

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Vera; or the Nihilists - Oscar Wilde - Oscar Wilde

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