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Moliere: "Never was any Dramatic performance so hurried as this; and it is a thing, I believe, quite new, to have a comedy planned, finished, got up, and played in a fortnight. I do not say this to boast of an impromptu, or to pretend to any reputation on that account: but only to prevent certain people, who might object that I have not introduced here all the species of Bores who are to be found. I know that the number of them is great, both at the Court and in the City, and that, without episodes, I might have composed a comedy of five acts and still have had matter to spare."

So with that, who needs a plot? - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Naiad: Leanne Yau
Eraste, in love with Orphise: Tomas Peter
Damis, guardian to Orphise: Rob Board
Lisandre, a bore: Son of the Exiles
Alcandre, a bore: Sandra Schmit
Alcippe, a bore: alanmapstone
Dorante, a bore: Nemo
Caritides, a bore: Larry Wilson
Ormin, a bore: Roger Melin
Filinte, a bore: gawoozle
La Montagne, servant to Eraste: ToddHW
L'Epine, servant to Damis: Chuck Williamson
La Riviere: Joseph Tabler
Orphise, in love with Eraste: TJ Burns
Orante, a female bore: Sonia
Climene, a female bore: Eva Davis
Stage Directions: April Walters
Edited by: ToddHW

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The Bores - Molière - Molière

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