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When Matilda's husband James dies, she marries rich Dr. Kennedy thinking he will provide a good home for her daughter Maude. However, the doctor is a miser and assumes that Matty will be his housekeeper. They have a little boy who is crippled and the doctor ignores him. Maude is totally devoted to him and on her mother's deathbed promises to look after him always. The story then evolves with Maude meeting her stepsister Nellie's cousins JC and James. Nellie has set her sights on JC who is after her money while Maude develops strong feelings towards James. JC begins to fall for Maude and when he learns that she has come into an inheritance bequeathed to her by her mother's former servant/nurse Janet he proposes to her. The complications that follow along with the arrival of a new stepmother add just the right amount of drama to this sweet romance. - Summary by Celine Major

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Cousin Maude - Mary Jane HOLMES - Mary Jane HOLMES

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