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A dark and moody collection of poems, influenced by the author's experience of nature, rather than an idealized notion of it. "The uncrowned King of Bohemia," as his friends called him, published this work against much public criticism. Summary by Assaf Koss.

Cast List for The Triumph of Bohemia

Narrator: MaryAnn
Spirit of Bohemia: Kristin GjerlΓΈw
Mammon: David Lawrence
Spirit of Time: Ian King
Spirit of the North-Wind: Larry Wilson
Spirit of the East-Wind, Second Tree Spirit: April Walters
Spirit of the West-Wind: Mary Kay
Spirit of Fire: Shakira Searle
First Woodman: Beth Thomas
Second Woodman, Spirit of the South-Wind: James Koss
First Tree Spirit: ToddHW
Third Tree Spirit: Lydia

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