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Richard II by William Shakespeare is the first of eight plays that portray a historically-informed version of the War of the Roses - beginning in about 1365 and ending with Richard III's death in 1485.

Edited by J. M. Smallheer and John Gonzalez. (Summary by Cori)

Narration, Keeper, and Lord - read by Annie Coleman
King Richard II and First Servant - read by Peter Yearsley
Northumberland and Gaunt - read by Chip
Bolingbroke - read by Kayvan Sylvan
Aumerle - read by John Gonzalez
Henry Percy - read by Michael Sirois
York - read by Martin Clifton
Mowbray - read by Mark F. Smith
Surrey and Willoughby - read by Nikolle Doolin
Salisbury - read by David Barnes
Bushy and Carlisle - read by Cecelia Prior
Bagot, Abbot, Scroop, and Exton - read by Linton
Green - read by deadwhitemales
Queen Isabel - read by Joy Chan
Duchess of York - read by Kristen McQuillin
Berkeley - read by Rainer
Ross - read by Mr. Baby Man
Fitzwater and Groom - read by Sean McKinley
Marshal - read by Lenny Glionna Jr.
Captain and First Herald - read by Hugh Mac
Duchess of Gloucester - read by Gesine
Lady - read by Maureen S. O'Brien
Gardener, Second Herald, and Second Servant - read by Kara Shallenberg

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Richard II - William Shakespeare - William Shakespeare

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