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What happens when wartime romance and talents encounter the post-war civilian world?
"I'm going to take you to - "
"If you're my wife you'll go with me to Hell!"
"I'd rather go there than Racine."
"Did anybody ever tell you that you were a snob?"
- Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
Billy Arkwright, Twenty-five, late Lieutenant, A. E. F.: Andrew Gaunce
Nora, Maid: Annie Mars
General McInerny, U. S. A, fifty: ToddHW
Jack Rutherford, Late Lieutenant, N. A.: DavyDave
Florence Lanham, Twenty-one: Jenn Broda
Mrs. Lanham, Fifty-five, her mother: TJ Burns
Elizabeth, Twenty, her sister: ashleighjane
Sam McGinnis, Twenty-seven, late Captain, A. E. F. (winner D. S. C. medal): Tomas Peter
Mrs. Martha Smythe, Twenty-nine, friend of the Lanhams: Sonia
Bessie Henderson, Twenty-two, friend of the Lanhams: Anamika
Zack Hart, Fifty-two: Son of the Exiles
Mr. Lanham, Florence's father: Alan Mapstone
McGinnis, Senior: Wayne Cooke
Bell Hop/Boy: Mooninya
Maid at Hotel: Kathi M. Walsheck
Stage directions: Adrian Stephens
Editing: ToddHW

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