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Many men swore that The Orphan was bad, and many swore profanely and with wonderful command of epithets because he was bad, but for obvious reasons that was as far as the majority went to show their displeasure. Those of the minority who had gone farther and who had shown their hatred by rash actions only proved their foolishness; for they had indeed gone far and would return no more. But Sheriff Jim Shields is tracking The Orphan, wanted for the murder of sheepherders, and won’t stop until he brings the bad man to justice.
Often billed as the second book in Clarence Mulford’s Hopalong Cassidy series, Hoppy doesn’t appear in this one, but it’s still as rip-roaring a western as you’ll ever see. - Summary by sjmarky

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The Orphan - Clarence Edward Mulford - Clarence Edward Mulford

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